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Visiting the Shareling website with your web browser configured to accept cookies, or making use of the tools, mobile apps or other software provided by Shareling, confirms to us that you wish to view the products and services offered by Shareling and that you give your consent for us to use cookies and any other technologies to offer you these products and services. Below you will find more information on how to change your browser settings, how to manage cookies and how to disable them.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is an information storage device that downloads onto to the user’s computer or electronic device when a website is accessed, with the main objective of saving and retrieving information to improve the efficiency of the user’s browsing experience.

Why does Shareling use cookies?

Shareling uses cookies to retrieve information and hence offer users a more efficient browsing experience, avoiding the need to re-enter data that has previously been provided. Shareling also uses cookies to analyze user behavior when surfing the web, making it a very effective tool for assessing how the website is working and introducing other improvements.

How does Shareling use these cookies?

Shareling uses cookies to obtain what it considers to be very useful information. The type of cookies used and the information obtained from each of them is detailed in the following chart:

Types of cookies used – Purpose of each type of cookie

Analytical cookies

These cookies are used to track user behavior in an aggregate and anonymous way, including the number of visits to the website and its various sections, where the visits come from, the day and time, platform, number of clicks and the search parameter words entered by the user to find the desired content. In this way, Shareling is provided with an extremely useful method of introducing improvements to its website and understanding which content and design is the most relevant to the user.

Functional cookies

These are cookies that help to improve the user’s browsing experience of the website.

Technical cookies

Technical cookies are necessary for showing the web page content correctly and guaranteeing that the website works properly. These cookies are related to user sessions and log-ins.

How do I get more information on cookies, how to manage them and, if necessary, how to delete them?

If you go to the settings page of the browser installed in your computer or device, you have the option of selecting which cookies you wish to accept or reject. For more information on the subject you can visit the link

Remember that if you disable cookies it is possible that you will experience problems in accessing and browsing the internet as well as using our services.

If you need more information on the way cookies work, as well as how to disable them, you can go to the following and

Meanwhile, if you prefer not to be tracked by Google Analytics via every website, go to the following link:
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